Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management

Northeastern University

Issuing School College of Professional Studies
Description from the School

The Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management degree program is designed to align your skills with the evolving professions in the field of accounting and finance. Our AACSB–accredited curriculum integrates finance, accounting, technology, globalization, sustainability, and the impact of new forms of regulation with an experiential learning experience in the financial and accounting industries. You will understand the language of financial markets and will discuss best practices of financial and nonfinancial transparency and disclosure.

Competitive businesses are constantly looking for new talent able to enhance and control their performance. The Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management degree program will develop your understanding of how to prepare and interpret financial statements, create and manage budgets, measure and disclosure important metrics and information, leverage assets, and maximize investments. With learning opportunities ranging from integrated reporting and analysis to international finance and investments, this bachelor’s degree program in finance and accounting management will develop your analytical capabilities—equipping you to pursue a career in the field of finance or accounting.

In-State Cost $64,920
Out-of-State Cost $64,920
Delivery Model Fully Online
Completion Time
Diploma Different? No
Application Deadline 1 Aug 12, 2021
Application Deadline 2 Sep 20, 2021
Alumni Companies
Exam Required None
Transfer Available No
Credits Needed to Complete 120
College Funded Aid No
Admission Requirements

Application Facts

No application fees No SATs or ACTs required Multiple start terms per year


Completed online application English language proficiency proof (if English is not your primary language) Official transcript Official high school transcript or completed attestation form Official GED Associate degree (with conferral and date) sent directly from your undergraduate institution to Northeastern Optional

Current resume Statement of purpose References


General Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management General Requirements

University-Wide Requirement

Minimum 120 total semester hours required Minimum 2.000 GPA required Students must earn a minimum of 60 Northeastern University semester hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. Note: Individual program requirements may exceed the above minima.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Foundation Courses

54 semester hours required


Complete one of the following courses with corresponding labs:

ENG 1105 - College Writing 1 ENG 1106 - Lab for ENG 1105 ENG 1103 - College Writing 1 for Nonnative Speakers ENG 1104 - Lab for ENG 1103

Complete the following two courses with corresponding labs:

ENG 1107 - College Writing 2 ENG 1108 - Lab for ENG 1107 ENG 3107 - Writing for the Professions: Business and the Social Sciences ENG 3108 - Lab for ENG 3107

Introductory Course Work

MGT 1100 - Introduction to Business MGT 2310 - Organizational Behavior


MTH 1100 - College Algebra MTH 2300 - Business Statistics

Economics and Marketing

ECN 1100 - Principles of Microeconomics ECN 1200 - Principles of Macroeconomics MKT 2100 - Principles of Marketing

Ethics and Law

MGT 2330 - Business Law PHL 2100 - Business Ethics

Accounting and Finance

ACC 2100 - Financial Accounting ACC 2200 - Managerial Accounting FIN 2105 - Introduction to Corporate Finance

Information Management and Technology

Choose one of the following:

ITC 1000 - Computer Applications ITC 2016 - End-User Data Analysis Tools

Choose one of the following:

MGT 2210 - Information within the Enterprise ITC 2430 - E-Commerce Systems

Major Courses

28 semester hours required

Accounting and Analysis

ACC 3103 - Cost Accounting ACC 3201 - Financial Reporting and Analysis 1 ACC 3202 - Financial Reporting and Analysis 2 ACC 3410 - Principles of Taxation ACC 4320 - Financial Statement Analysis


FIN 3310 - Financial Institutions and Markets FIN 3330 - Risk Management and Insurance FIN 3340 - Investments


MGT 4850 - Business Strategy

Major Elective Courses/Optional Concentration

Complete one of the following options to reach 120 semester hours.

Major Electives

Complete 9 semester hours from the following and an additional 29 general elective semester hours to reach 120 semester hours. Complete 9 semester hours from the following: ACC, FIN (4000 level)

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