Bachelor of Arts in Business with concentration in Corporate Accounting

Arizona State University

Issuing School W.P. Carey School of Business
Description from the School

The online Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Corporate Accounting is structured to prepare students for careers in management accounting. Career opportunities in this field are generally substantive and in high demand.

The online BA in Business with a concentration in Corporate Accounting, offered through W. P. Carey School of Business, provides students an avenue to extend their careers' from the more traditional perspective of "crunching numbers" for someone else to analyzing potential decisions and courses of action from a financial perspective.

Instead of answering, "How much would it cost to expand our business into California?" the question would be, "Financially, does it make sense to expand our business into California?" This latter question is much more a manager, leader oriented question compared to the traditional "How much does it cost" type question and typically requires management accountants to function within a team of experts (e.g. with marketing, regulatory, production team members, etc.) Clearly, the opportunities for management accountants acting more as managers and leaders within an organization are increasing exponentially, with both salaries and opportunities rising above other career options.

In-State Cost $48,393
Out-of-State Cost $76,293
Delivery Model Fully Online
Completion Time 48 months
Diploma Different? No
Application Deadline 1 Sep 20, 2021
Application Deadline 2 Sep 20, 2021
Alumni Companies Google
Exam Required No Info
Transfer Available No
Credits Needed to Complete 120
College Funded Aid No
Admission Requirements

Freshman applicants who possess a high school diploma and meet the following requirements will be admitted to ASU.

  • 4 years math.
  • 4 years English (non-ESL/ELL courses).
  • 3 years lab sciences (1 year each from biology, chemistry, earth science, integrated sciences or physics).
  • 2 years social sciences (including 1 year American history).
  • 2 years same second language
  • 1 year fine arts or 1 year career and technical education.

Applicants must also meet at least one of the following:

  • Top 25% in high school graduating class.
  • 3.00 GPA in competency courses (4.00 = A).
  • ACT score of 22 for Arizona residents (24 nonresidents)* or SAT Reasoning score of 1120 for Arizona residents (1180 nonresidents)*.

*ASU does not require the writing portion of these tests.

Complete the undergraduate admission application online. You will be required to submit a nonrefundable application fee.

  • $70: U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, in-application for permanent residency, DACA or international online student studying outside the U.S.
  • $115: International students on any non-immigrant visa type studying in the U.S. (e.g. F-1, H1-B, H-4, etc.).


  • Request your ACT or SAT scores be sent directly to ASU from ACT or from the College Board, for SAT scores.
  • ACT or SAT scores are required for merit scholarship consideration and for ASU course placement.

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